Lessons In Moderation

June 8, 2011, 7:32 pm
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It’s so weird that I like blogging so much but when things get busy I never carve out enough time to do it. 

You know what else is weird? The fact that I have lost 7 pounds and maintained it for a little over a month and I didn’t jump right on here and shout it from the proverbial roof tops.  Did I mention that I maintained it even though the month of May was one giant business trip (1 month, 3 destinations, 6 airports).  I would like to say that I have been exercising like a maniac, but it’s been more portion control and healthy choices than excercise that has been my saving grace this time.

Goal for the 4th of July is to try to drop 5 more pounds and get some muscle back.  I just bought new running sneaks so I’m going to start amping up the cardio and eventually incorporate some weight training again.  The puppy has also done her part in helping me lose weight.  I walk her at least a mile or two every day (longer on the weekends) so although we aren’t pounding the pavement, I still walk at a good pace.

I know I’ve talked about walking vs running before but I have to ask again.  What are your thoughts on walking versus running?  Do you think one is better than the other?


Let’s end the cycle now
April 13, 2011, 9:17 pm
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I randomly read through some of my past blog posts and I’m really sick of myself! 🙂 I have been talking about my struggle to lose weight for almost two years now and I haven’t significantly moved the needle on the scale yet!  It’s crazy.   Luckily, by chronicling some of this through the blog I am able to identify a bit of a pattern.  I get really motivated, go balls to the wall for a bit, drop a few, get over-confident and then blow it….and the cycle continues.

But now that I have identified it, I have the power to break it.  I REALLY want to fit back into this one pair of jeans I have so instead of saying I want to lose 10 pounds blah blah blah, I will do what some of the experts say and go by the clothes.  My goal is to fit comfortably into those jeans (FYI I fit very UNCOMFORTABLY into them now) by May 31.  That’s about a month and a half away.  Let’s keep each other motivated.  Have any of you ever noticed behavior patterns that you continued to repeat even though it wasn’t good for you?

p.s.  I’m still on the hunt for better workout pants (full length) so if you have good suggestions let me know.


Pigging Out on Salad
April 7, 2011, 5:40 pm
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I swung by Whole Foods for lunch today because I love the salad bar.  I love loading up on things I probably wouldn’t buy and prepare at home like wheatberries, tofu, tempeh (is that how you spell it?)…you get the point.  I think by now we all know salad bars are a tricky business there is usually enough bad stuff readily available to counteract the good stuff so you really do need to practice moderation when you choose the salad bar option (is it more clear why there is a picture of a salad bar on the banner of this blog now?).

I feel at Whole Foods  I do a good job at this because there are so many healthy options available that I don’t get at my normal salad bar that bacon crumbles or a creamy ranch dressing doesn’t really appeal to me.  Today was the same, I feel like I loaded up on good stuff like lentils, wheatberries, spinach, chickpeas, beets and a little bit of orzo salad which included feta, spinach and an olive oil based dressing on it.  To me that’s a pretty decent salad but I’m sitting here now feeling so stuffed and not in a good way.  So I guess the lesson here is, even if your salad is 90% awesome and 10% junky, you can still eat too much and feel like going into a food coma after. Let’s face it… no one wants to feel fat after eating a SALAD!

Has this ever happened to you?  Do you ever over do it on good stuff and feel blah?

How Much is too Much? Fruit that is.
August 9, 2010, 9:22 pm
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I have freaky fruit allergies, but lately I’m addicted to peaches and plums, which haven’t caused any allergic reaction to date.  I eat one with almost every meal and when I have a snack it’s the first thing I go for.

So the question is, how much of a good thing is too much?  I know fruits are high in sugars but they also have a lot of great benefits too.  Right now I’m nursing a 6 peach/plum a day habit (3 each!).  Veggies are more of a meal thing to eat versus a snack thing to eat because I don’t like most of the portable veggies like carrots or celery. 

What do you think?  How many servings of fruit do you usually eat in a day? Am I on fruit overload?

BAAAAAACK!!! – Lunch Time Post
July 14, 2010, 4:53 pm
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The world-famous Cooking with Coley inspired me to get off my butt and start blogging again.  Sorry for being MIA and thank you for the amazing amount of people who still check in on a regular basis. 

I lost 6 pounds in the past 7 weeks on Weight Watchers and spending the whole weekend in my bathing suit on 4th of July didn’t even phase me!  The funny thing is when I did Weight Watchers last time I really didn’t have a problem staying within my daily allotted points, but this time it’s such a challenge.  I almost always go over my points value and end up eating more than the 35 extra points you get to use throughout the week.  The thing is I’m still losing weight so I must have been eating waaaaaaaaaay too much and not even noticing.

My latest fitness craze is running.  I get up at 5:30 every morning and run for about 25 – 30 minutes.  The route I do has hills that I’m conquering.  The route takes me down a hill, up a hill, down, up and then a pretty flat surface back to my house so I can run down, up, down and half way up without stopping and I’m like friggin Speedy Gonzalez on the flat surface.  With that being said, I took vacation last week and didn’t exercise and haven’t done anything this week, so lets see how my endurance is when I get out there tomorrow.

On my list to try soon: Bikram Yoga, Kettle Bells and Okra

On my list to never eat again: Eel …I just don’t like it

So here is to getting back on a regular blogging schedule. 

If you remember a few months back I was trying to transition the blog to a new domain but I got really confused and couldn’t figure out what to do so I gave up.  Anyone who knows any tips, tricks or can explain how to do it in simple steps let me know. 🙂

See You in Hell Cellulite!
June 1, 2010, 1:37 pm
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What the hell is going on with the back of my thighs??? I actually put on a bathing suit this weekend and thought it looked alright. Left my cover up on for most of the day, but when I decided to take it off because I might go in the water, I caught a reflection of myself from a window, and oh my god…. it was not pretty.

I have come to terms with the fact that I have cellulite.  I had it when I barely weighted 100 pounds (although it wasn’t really noticable if I was just standing up) so it makes sense that as I gained weight it would get worse. I have tried creams, patches etc…and they don’t work so I fully accept the shorts and micro minis are not for me, but the sight I saw in that reflection was troubling.  I had old lady legs.

So what did I do?  The next morning I changed my running route and tackled some serious hills.  This morning I got up with the sun and power walked flat surfaces and ran/sprinted hills.  And almost like an answer from heaven, I got the latest Shape magazine with Kim Kardashian on the cover and there were so many articles about cellulite and toning legs/thighs I felt seriously inspired.

Also, with the exception of one amazing Mexican meal this weekend and two 3 oz ice cream splurges, I ate really, really well.  I didn’t drink a drop of alcohol and instead of burgers or something on the grill last night I filled my plate with spinach topped with Franks Red Hot and a huge veggie filled salad.

See what I did there? I turned a potentially damaging situation into a positive.

Anyone have any good leg/thigh work outs that worked out well?   I’m going to follow what they have in this month’s Shape but wanted to see if you guys had any inspiring ideas.

I Can Feel It!
March 26, 2010, 2:21 pm
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Sometimes I feel like I’m trying to be healthy and get in shape and it’s all for nothing.  I’m not losing weight, my clothes don’t fit my better etc…. Well yesterday during bootcamp we had to do push ups, which I always dread.  I am lucky enough not to be cursed with the dreaded “sausage arms” (yet) and I feel like my lower body needs so much work I would rather be lunging all day long than suffering through push ups. 

So I get down to do a push up and guess what?  I could feel the difference finally!!! After weeks of bootcamp and upper body if finally clicked and I could feel that doing push ups are getting easier to do.  I remember when this happened to me during my first session of bootcamp.  I was doing triceps dips which I hate more than push ups and all of a sudden something clicked and I just felt like my muscles were taking over! It was so cool.  Deffo motivation when I was feeling a little down in the dumps fitness wise.

I have been getting in a good cardio workout almost every day and doing bootcamp twice a day so hopefully I will be sliding into my skinny jeans too.

I really want a pair of wide leg jeans and the ones I have don’t fit me.  I actually considered buying a pair this week but I stopped myself.  Why spend money on a new pair of jeans when I have the exact pair of jeans I want in my drawer and they are only a couple of healthy food and exercise choices away?  I decided those jeans will be my benchmark.  When I can fit into them my goals will be met!

What is your goal clothing item?