Lessons In Moderation

Here we go again…..
March 31, 2011, 2:22 pm
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After getting a stern talking to from Nicole from http://www.cookingwithcoley.com, she encouraged me to stop being lazy and stop blogging again.  Thanks to all of you who have continued to check in on a regular basis during my hiatus. You guys are awesome!

Here is a brief update on the last few months.  I am still struggling with the same 10-15 pounds but I will get to my goal weight by the end of the year if it kills me.  I have to nip this in the bud before I turn 30 (not until Oct 2012 so I have time).    My husband surprised me with the cutest puppy ever on Christmas Eve so now that warmer weather is heading my way, I’m really looking forward to taking her for long walks/runs.  I’m trying to train her to run right next to me so I can just attach the leash to my waist and hit the road.

So, I’m sure all of you are completely bored with my weight loss struggle (I know I am) but I really need to turn this into a success story this year so I welcome any tips, insight or stories you want to share with me.  My other goal is to get back into running this year, nothing crazy, just try to get 2-3 miles a day in most days a week and I desperately need new sneakers.  Anyone have any suggestions?  I don’t want to spend a ton of money.  I’m thinking $80 – $100 max.

So thanks again to all the regulars….and look forward to more frequent posts.  I tried a few great restaurants lately so I’ll share some reviews soon.

What’s been up with you guys over the past few months?


But I can’t……(fill in the blank)
August 31, 2010, 1:52 pm
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The phrase “I can’t…” or “I’ll never be able to…” holds me back. After reading “The Secret” and doing research on the laws of attraction I truly believe that an attitude or mindset can keep a person from achieving what they want even when they have all the tools to make it happen. 

Please don’t think that I buy into stuff like, “if you believe you will be a millionaire you will become one.”  Obviously I think if you want something you need to put in effort to get it but in the back of your mind if you really think it will never happen, it probably never will.

So this attitude/mindset has been holding me back lately. Not only with my fitness and health, but with everything.  I think I truly believe that I’m never going to be in good shape, which is probably causing me to give up more quickly than I should and not always make the best choices.    I would like to run the Disney 1/2 Marathon in Jan 2012 but deep down I really don’t think I could ever pull that off….and with that attitude I won’t.

So right now I’m really trying to make a shift in how I approach things.  It’s not just thinking that I can do something, but truly believing it’s possible.  I read stories all the time of people who never ran a mile but decided to make a change and now they run marathons. 

Do any of you have stories where you ignored the “I can’t…” in your head and achieved something you never thought possible?

Here is a quick update on P90X.  I rule at the 15 minute Ab Ripper X.  I think once I eliminate some of this fat I have some abs under there!  I decided not to re-measure myself until I completed 8 weeks so hopefully I lose at least a quarter of an inch in most spots by that time. 

Any P90X success stories?

P90X…..Will it Work?
August 26, 2010, 1:12 pm
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I am happy (?) to announce that I started doing P90X about 3 weeks ago.  A group of people at my work get together and do it at the on-site gym.  We aren’t following the formal program yet, we are just alternating videos so we get a good mix.  I have been doing this for 4 days a week for two solid weeks and my first week I eased in with two days.


I think I like it.  I definitely get that “good sore” feeling in my muscles after the work out and I really really love the 15 minute Ab Ripper X.

I have gained 1.6 pounds in the past 3 weeks.  Keep in mind that I am still counting Weight Watcher points even though I’m not going to the meeting and I thought I have been doing pretty good on the healthy eating front.  Some splurges here and there but I would say I’m following an 80% healthy 20% treat plan. 

So the bottom line is that I’m going to keep doing the P90X and counting points because I have a vacation coming up in November and I WILL be 10 pounds lighter by then.  10 pounds in two months is doable right (even though it’s been over a year and I still haven’t been able to lose 10 pounds.)?

Have any of you tried P90X and had good results?

How Much is too Much? Fruit that is.
August 9, 2010, 9:22 pm
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I have freaky fruit allergies, but lately I’m addicted to peaches and plums, which haven’t caused any allergic reaction to date.  I eat one with almost every meal and when I have a snack it’s the first thing I go for.

So the question is, how much of a good thing is too much?  I know fruits are high in sugars but they also have a lot of great benefits too.  Right now I’m nursing a 6 peach/plum a day habit (3 each!).  Veggies are more of a meal thing to eat versus a snack thing to eat because I don’t like most of the portable veggies like carrots or celery. 

What do you think?  How many servings of fruit do you usually eat in a day? Am I on fruit overload?

I lost 5%!
August 6, 2010, 4:09 pm
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First of all thanks for all of you loyal readers who keep visiting my blog despite my erratic posting schedule.  I promise I will get better.

Second, my Weight Watchers session is coming to an end and I lost 5% of my body weight in 13 weeks.  I didn’t hit my goal but I learned a lot.  Here are somethings that I figured out that may help you.

1.  All calories are not created equal – This seems obvious but I noticed on weeks when I stayed within my points but ate a lot of processed stuff I either stayed the same or gained a bit of weight.  I also noticed that my clothes felt a little snug (must be all the sodium).  On weeks where I ate the same amount of points and even exceed my alloted points with fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean protein etc… I noticed a big difference either on the scale in my clothes or both.   I know you may be thinking…”Thank you Captain Obvious” but this was a big discovery for me.  Cleary I knew I was getting way more nutritional value from the good stuff, but for weight loss I didn’t think it mattered as long as I was taking in the correct amount of calories.

2.  Don’t beat yourself  up – Sometimes I  would feel a little bad about myself because I don’t consider myself a healthy eater or a runner/athlete by nature.  I will be honest and say if I could eat what I want without gaining weight it would be mac n cheese and nachos as far as the eye could see. 🙂 Sometimes when I read other health bloggers it seems like they make these choices effortlessly or their background is that they have always enjoyed healthy eating blah blah blah.   That’s great for them but what about the junk food junkies?  I say…embrace it.  Don’t always indulge it but embrace it.  Live is for living and nachos are for eating so when you do indulge yourself, savor every bite and pity those grilled chicken and veggie eaters.  How is that for a lesson in moderation?

3.  Don’t be afraid to take the easy way out – I love Real Simple magazine but sometimes I find the recipes to be a little challenging or time-consuming (side note: I usually have this problem with all recipes so it’s nothing against Real Simple).   So to get over my intimidation and general dislike of cooking I just fake it. Sure they want you to use fresh veggies, I use frozen…big whoop.  So what if they want this stupid spice or veggie that you can’t find in the store…just use what you have and figure it out.  If it’s a new recipe you don’t know what it’s supposed to taste like and all recipes can be saved with a little hot sauce.

4.  Frank’s Red Hot – I really do put that shit on everything.  It can make the good stuff taste even better and it can make a recipe gone wrong edible.

So, if you are struggling maybe these tips will help?  Like I said, I’m done with Weight Watchers for now.  It’s always good for a reality check and I’m still going to keep counting points while I get the rest of my weight off but I’m ditching the meetings because I don’t feel like paying for another session because it’s that time of year for me to buy back to school clothes!!!

p.s.  I’m not going back to school, but I just love this time of the year in the stores where all the fall stuff is out. It always reminds me of back to school shopping when I was younger.

BAAAAAACK!!! – Lunch Time Post
July 14, 2010, 4:53 pm
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The world-famous Cooking with Coley inspired me to get off my butt and start blogging again.  Sorry for being MIA and thank you for the amazing amount of people who still check in on a regular basis. 

I lost 6 pounds in the past 7 weeks on Weight Watchers and spending the whole weekend in my bathing suit on 4th of July didn’t even phase me!  The funny thing is when I did Weight Watchers last time I really didn’t have a problem staying within my daily allotted points, but this time it’s such a challenge.  I almost always go over my points value and end up eating more than the 35 extra points you get to use throughout the week.  The thing is I’m still losing weight so I must have been eating waaaaaaaaaay too much and not even noticing.

My latest fitness craze is running.  I get up at 5:30 every morning and run for about 25 – 30 minutes.  The route I do has hills that I’m conquering.  The route takes me down a hill, up a hill, down, up and then a pretty flat surface back to my house so I can run down, up, down and half way up without stopping and I’m like friggin Speedy Gonzalez on the flat surface.  With that being said, I took vacation last week and didn’t exercise and haven’t done anything this week, so lets see how my endurance is when I get out there tomorrow.

On my list to try soon: Bikram Yoga, Kettle Bells and Okra

On my list to never eat again: Eel …I just don’t like it

So here is to getting back on a regular blogging schedule. 

If you remember a few months back I was trying to transition the blog to a new domain but I got really confused and couldn’t figure out what to do so I gave up.  Anyone who knows any tips, tricks or can explain how to do it in simple steps let me know. 🙂

Review: Shirataki Noodles
June 4, 2010, 1:30 pm
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In this month’s Shape I read a blurb about “Miracle Noodles” and how they are a great no carb, very low cal option to pasta.  As a carboholic I was intrigued.  I did some Googling on Tuesday and found that pricy Miracle Noodles are essentially Shirataki Noodles, which are thin Japanese noodles consisting mostly composed of a dietary fiber called glucomannan and contain very few calories and carbohydrates (sometimes even zero). 

I grabbed two packages at Whole Foods and decided to make a lo mein type dish with the noodles, soy sauce, a bit of peanut sauce and tons of veggies.  The noodles come packed in liquid (water?) and from my research I learned that there might be a slight fishy smell but that would go away if the noodles were rinsed.  That made me a little paranoid because my husband hates seafood and I was nervous if the smell didn’t dissipate there would be a fishy taste as well.  Luckily after rinsing the smell was gone. 

The noodles come ready to eat and can be boiled for a few minutes to heat up.  I decided to add them to my wok and simmered the noodles, veggies and sauce for a while so the noodles would really absorb the flavor.

Final verdict? GROSS!!!! The noodles didn’t have much taste so it wasn’t the flavor that bothered me it was the texture.  Just way to rubbery/squishy.  I was not expecting this to taste like a regular noodle, I can deal with pasta substitutes like spaghetti squash but this was just to gross for me.  I ate the veggies but had to throw away the noodles. 

Nutritionally they are great, but I don’t think any amount of sauce or other good stuff in a dish could make up for that texture.

Have you tried them and had a different experience?