Lessons In Moderation

But I can’t……(fill in the blank)
August 31, 2010, 1:52 pm
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The phrase “I can’t…” or “I’ll never be able to…” holds me back. After reading “The Secret” and doing research on the laws of attraction I truly believe that an attitude or mindset can keep a person from achieving what they want even when they have all the tools to make it happen. 

Please don’t think that I buy into stuff like, “if you believe you will be a millionaire you will become one.”  Obviously I think if you want something you need to put in effort to get it but in the back of your mind if you really think it will never happen, it probably never will.

So this attitude/mindset has been holding me back lately. Not only with my fitness and health, but with everything.  I think I truly believe that I’m never going to be in good shape, which is probably causing me to give up more quickly than I should and not always make the best choices.    I would like to run the Disney 1/2 Marathon in Jan 2012 but deep down I really don’t think I could ever pull that off….and with that attitude I won’t.

So right now I’m really trying to make a shift in how I approach things.  It’s not just thinking that I can do something, but truly believing it’s possible.  I read stories all the time of people who never ran a mile but decided to make a change and now they run marathons. 

Do any of you have stories where you ignored the “I can’t…” in your head and achieved something you never thought possible?

Here is a quick update on P90X.  I rule at the 15 minute Ab Ripper X.  I think once I eliminate some of this fat I have some abs under there!  I decided not to re-measure myself until I completed 8 weeks so hopefully I lose at least a quarter of an inch in most spots by that time. 

Any P90X success stories?


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