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Weight Watchers Take Two
May 18, 2010, 1:26 pm
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So I’m off on the Weight Watchers journey again.  Last year when I started Weight Watchers I lost almost 10 pounds total, and although I haven’t weighed myself recently, I think I have managed to keep a solid 7 of those pounds off.  If you remember, I quit Weight Watchers when I started doing bootcamp classes because I kept gaining “weight” even though I was hoping it was muscle, and it the constant gaining made me feel bad.

There will be a slight bootcamp/WW overlap because my first WW meeting is Thursday and I still have two more weeks left of bootcamp, but hopefully that doesn’t make too much of a difference.  I am looking forward to a little refresher on portion sizes etc… Plus the meetings are held right in my office! You can’t go wrong. 

Now the question is… should I eat a ton right before the meeting so I’m “heavier” and then I will most likely be legitimately lighter and fake lighter because I won’t eat heavy before I step on the scale.  That would give me motivation. What should I do?


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You don’t need to have a last meal or eat a ton before the first weigh in. Just eat like you normally do. Weight Watchers works when you do it, so just stick to the plan and let it work for you.

You are worth it, so be your own motivation (even though that is hard to do).

Comment by aauntiem

Don’t add extra pounds to start! There’s no need. You’ll find the motivation when you’re eating healthy and feeling good!

Good luck!

Comment by Cooking with Coley

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