Lessons In Moderation

Stop Comparing… But How?
April 20, 2010, 3:32 pm
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I have a lot of bad habits, but I just noticed a particularly toxic habit the other day.  I’m constantly comparing my weight to other people and asking my husband “Am I as fat as her,” or something like that.  Just look at the wording of these questions…It’s totally toxic! And I’m tunnel vision on the weight. I don’t think about the clothes, the make up, the hair, is she prettier than me, type stuff…It always has the word fat. 

I was waiting for a train yesterday and had a chance to do some people watching and I think that question popped up at least 5 times. I’m sure that negativity and “fat language” is effecting me in some way, so now I’m making a conscious effort to stop doing that, but it will be so hard! It’s almost a way of life now…I think the first step will be to stop verbalizing the question and then maybe I will stop mentally comparing my weight to others all the time.

On the plus side I’m down 2.2 pounds in the past two weeks.  I should fully disclose that the minus 2.2 pounds is from a PLUS 6!!! that I discovered a few weeks ago.  That blew my mind because I really didn’t feel like I gained 6 pounds (and I know it wasn’t 6 pounds of muscle) so I think I have some sort of metabolism issue happening.  The vitamin D is not helping me lose weight but I am feeling less exhausted.  I have to be in a wedding at the end of July and I’m going on a cruise in November so I want to be 10 pounds lighter for the wedding and hopefully 15 – 18 pounds lighter by November and back into my normal jeans.

Do you constantly compare you weight (or anything) to others?  Did you do it and quit?  If so how did you get rid of this obnoxious habit?


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I compare constantly. I can’t say it aloud (my partner throws a fit,and my insecurity has caused some problems for us). You’re right – toxic is the perfect word, especially when I know nothing about a person other than their physical weight.

Comment by Rachael

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