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Food Review: Thomas’s Bagel Thins
April 14, 2010, 3:01 pm
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I recently saw a tweet that mentioned Thomas’ new Bagel Thins and I was intrigued.  I love bagels but I’m scared of them because of all the carbs! A bagel for 110 calories?  That’s too good to be true…. or so I thought.

My local supermarket only had them in plain (I would prefer whole wheat and I can’t wait to try the everything!) so I bought a package and had one as soon as I got home and let me tell you… It was great! You get the same crisp on the outside, and a bit squishy on the inside texture that you have with a normal bagel, because it is a normal bagel, only thinner.  I occasionally buy mini bagels, but I always end up having at least two because they look so tiny.  These give you the appearance of a normal sized bagel, so your mind won’t play tricks on you.

I equate this to the 100 cal packs of my favorite snacks.  By making the bagel thinner it’s automatic portion control and you can top this bad boy with lots of healthy proteins to have a very filling breakfast, lunch or dinner.  Essentially it’s the “scooped bagel” concept Bethenny Frankel talks about in her book Naturally Thin, but without the hassle.

I 100% recommend you try these if you are a bagel lover.  You won’t be disappointed.  I’m hoping they come out with an onion flavor soon because onion bagels are my favorite!!!


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I like these, but you have to be careful when you toast them. A minute too long, and they’re rock hard. They’re great with a little light cream cheese and you can still stay under 150 cals. Top that Dunkin’ Donuts!

Comment by Cooking with Coley

Good tip I forgot to include! I usually toast everything on setting 5 on my toaster and these were way too “well done” on 5.

Comment by Amanda@lessonsinmoderation

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