Lessons In Moderation

There is Never Any Time…and There is ALWAYS an Excuse!
April 6, 2010, 2:07 pm
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Time…Time…there’s never any time…. – remember that Saved by the Bell Episode when Jessi freaked out and she was on caffeine pills?  It’s such a classic, and I often find myself quoting that famous scene in my head when I’m feeling overwhelmed.

Here is my latest excuse.  I work semi-long hours. I usually leave my house around 6:45 in the a.m. and dont’ get home until 6:45ish in the p.m.  I know some of you out there probably work much longer than that, but for me, when I get home all I want to do is relax and I feel like I have so much to jam in before I go to bed (which I try to do early).  Now with it staying lighter much later I feel like I have more time to get stuff done, like go for a quick run after work… but here is the latest excuse…. I hate having to shower after I run because I feel like between the run and the shower and cooking dinner, my whole night is over.  Not showering is clearly not an option and as fast as I try to go I always feel like it’s an ordeal. It’s like pumping gas, it doesn’t take that long but its something that I hate doing for no logical reason.

So this is my whining for the day…. When I get home from work I feel like I have too much to do (but all things I want to do like work out and spend time with the boy) and not enough time to do it in. 

Anyone have any tips on how they streamlined their after work routine?


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