Lessons In Moderation

I Can Feel It!
March 26, 2010, 2:21 pm
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Sometimes I feel like I’m trying to be healthy and get in shape and it’s all for nothing.  I’m not losing weight, my clothes don’t fit my better etc…. Well yesterday during bootcamp we had to do push ups, which I always dread.  I am lucky enough not to be cursed with the dreaded “sausage arms” (yet) and I feel like my lower body needs so much work I would rather be lunging all day long than suffering through push ups. 

So I get down to do a push up and guess what?  I could feel the difference finally!!! After weeks of bootcamp and upper body if finally clicked and I could feel that doing push ups are getting easier to do.  I remember when this happened to me during my first session of bootcamp.  I was doing triceps dips which I hate more than push ups and all of a sudden something clicked and I just felt like my muscles were taking over! It was so cool.  Deffo motivation when I was feeling a little down in the dumps fitness wise.

I have been getting in a good cardio workout almost every day and doing bootcamp twice a day so hopefully I will be sliding into my skinny jeans too.

I really want a pair of wide leg jeans and the ones I have don’t fit me.  I actually considered buying a pair this week but I stopped myself.  Why spend money on a new pair of jeans when I have the exact pair of jeans I want in my drawer and they are only a couple of healthy food and exercise choices away?  I decided those jeans will be my benchmark.  When I can fit into them my goals will be met!

What is your goal clothing item?


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I am obsessed with push ups. It’s the one exercise that I can see myself getting stronger with. I try to do them every time I work out, and finally I can do 20 in a row (not on my knees!). OK that’s an accomplishment for me and maybe not for most, but what a feeling when a couple of years ago I could only do 2. 🙂

Comment by Nicole

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