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Confessions of a Carb Addict: I Made All the Wrong Food Choices
March 15, 2010, 12:41 pm
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Usually my choice of lunch on Friday afternoon indicates how my relationship with food is going to be for the rest of the weekend.  I always go to the same Thai place for lunch on Friday and I have three options. 

Option 1: Indulge in Shrimp Pad Thai while knowing I have a light dinner planned and some form of exercise in the near future

Option 2: Have the healthier house salad with sushi, which is also delish and appropriate when I know I have a big dinner planned on Friday night

Option 3: Eat whatever I feel like while knowing I have more huge meals in store for me during the weekend.

On Friday I picked option 3.  I was resolved to do option 2 but when I walked in the restaurant my will power hit the road.  I ate a plate of carbs knowing that I had a pasta dish planned for dinner on Friday night (which was amazing by the way). That lead to a bit of a food frenzy.  After pasta there was drinking and late night pizza.  Then on Saturday I attended a bridal shower, where I did go heavy on the veggies, but I also indulged in pasta (hey…there was a pasta station, but I really only had a few bites because I was carbed out) and I had some cake.  Fastforward to Saturday night, I was out to dinner and I ordered a steak and cheese sub.  In a restaurant…who does that????

Sunday I was on my own for the day so I was planning on a nice healthy breakfast, pasta leftovers and salad for lunch and something healthy for dinner to make up for Friday and Saturday… Well I woke up on Sunday morning to a flooded basement.  I will spare you the drama of that story but I decided to eat a box of Annie’s Mac n Cheese to make myself feel better.  When my husband got home we decided to get Chinese food for dinner and I think you get the picture.  What happened to me this weekend?  It’s like I was possessed by a food devil!

I knowingly made bad food choices multiple times….and who knew I was a stress eater?

Has this ever happened to you?

p.s.  The switch to the new site wasn’t even attempted because that was supposed to be my Sunday project… Maybe one night this week… it’s happening soon.

One more thing…. carrying buckets of water across my basement about 3,000 times had to burn some calories right??


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Have you ever considered making your own food for lunch? This prevents over eating…and especially helps with portion sizes.

Comment by Supplement X

You are so right… I do bring my lunch Mon – Thurs but Friday is my treat day!

Comment by afontaine16

Hmmm try using Fitday.com or some other tool to track the nutrition value and calories of everything you eat. I have a set number of calories including carb grams and protein grams that I allow myself for a day and this tool helps me know what I have left to work with when I decide what to eat. You’d be surprised how many calories some things have… helps me anyway!

Comment by Kim

I used Fitday a few years ago and I agree it’s a great tool. Maybe I need to see it in black and white to help me stay on track. Thanks for the suggestion!

Comment by afontaine16

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