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Friggin’ Carbs
March 3, 2010, 9:28 pm
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Every meal I eat is an Atkins lover’s nightmare.  I was getting frustrated with my zero weight loss (you know…in October started trying to lose 12 pounds by December and didn’t even come close!) and I was thinking about my diet and I think I need to do some sort of modified South Beach again or something.

I am pretty honest when I pig out and eat bad stuff and I understand when that happens I won’t lose weight but my good eating to bad eating is ratio is tipped to the good eating side 90% of so some experimentation needs to happen.

There are two things that could be causing me issues….Number 1 – I way over estimate my portions.  I use measuring cups and stuff but Tina over at Carrots N Cake wrote a great post on how off using a measuring cup can be.  Number 2 – I’m eating way too many carbs and my body isn’t processing them right or something like that.  So I think I might go no bread or pasta for a while….right after my spag dinner tonight!


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Hi Amanda, thanks for stopping by my blog. I just found yours so I obviously don’t know the whole background of your weight loss, but wanted to weigh in for a minute. If you tried it already, just ignore me 🙂
Have you tried calorie counting? I’ve tried the south beach, low carb, high protein etc, but at the end each one of them deprived me of something and I gained the weight back once I stopped being so strict. Unless you have a medical problem and that’s why you can’t process carbs,low carb diets are just a quick fix (because at the end they just restrict your calorie intake anyway but you’re also unhappy because you miss that bread, etc). Measuring cups can be deceiving so using a food scale could be the better alternative if you’re concerned that portion control is your problem. That’s 100% accurate. I think if you’re willing to do something so extreme as cutting out carbs, weighing some calorie dense foods could be better – this way you can eat whatever you want but you’ll know the real portions you’re eating. Ok that’s my 5 cents 😀

Comment by Elina

Hi Elina. When I first lost weight a few years ago I counted calories and it worked great. I haven’t been consistent with it this time so I need to buckle down and do it! Plus you are right about a food scale. I need to get one ASAP.

Comment by afontaine16

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