Lessons In Moderation

Weight vs Athletic Performance
March 1, 2010, 1:36 pm
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I have mentioned on this blog, that I don’t consider myself a runner but in the past few years I started running 5Ks and I really liked it.  I think I finished my first 5K in about 38 minutes (crazy slow right?) because I didn’t want to have to walk and I was afraid if I went fast I would burn myself out.  After that first one, every other 5K I ran, my time was about 33 minutes.  Since I’m not a runner, averaging an 11 minute mile was fine by me.  It was something that I was starting to do with ease and I even started pushing myself to do 4 and 5 miles when I was out for a run, to keep things interesting.  Then in very short time frame, I lost my job, got a new job (with longer hours and a sucky commute), bought a house (that need work) and got married and settled into life in front of the t.v. with a bowl of spaghetti.   When I decided to recommit to fitness, I thought…. well I’ll just start running again, but I could barely do a mile! Even through all my bootcamp classses and building up my endurance I was having such a hard time with my running and I couldn’t figure it out because I was training the same way I did when I first started running.

I recently read this article in the NYT about how an athlete’s weight affects their performance, which clearly makes sense.  More weight for a runner would most likely mean slower times, but too little weight can affect muscle and can also slow you down.  This article got me thinking.  When I started running I was 15 pounds lighter than I am right now, so I’m wondering if the additional 15 pounds are what is holding me back.  

Has anyone lost weight and noticed a big difference in their speed or endurance? Do you think a 10 -15 pound difference would make a difference in a casual runner, not a high performance athlete?


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