Lessons In Moderation

I Got on the Scale… Not Good
February 10, 2010, 8:29 pm
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I decided to step on the scale today and I was 2.4 pounds heavier than I was last time!!! I was not happy.  I have been majorly lacking in exercise but I haven’t been completely sedentary and my diet has gotten so much better.  Much more veggies and whole grains and I haven’t had Pad Thai in more than a month? What gives?

Granted I weighed myself after I ate breakfast but I don’t think my Arnold flat bread with 1 tbsp peanut butter and banana weighted 2.4 pounds.  What’s a girl to do? I have even given up drinking! I haven’t had a drop of alcohol in 3 weeks!! AND…my pants still don’t fit. What is the deal?  I was always under the assumption that exercise is hella important to your health but diet was a lot more important in weight loss.  You know, the calories in, calories out equation.

So I’m starting bootcamp twice a week in two weeks and I’m going to cut my calories even more to see if I make any headway.  Anyone been in this situation.  I wouldn’t even say its a plateau because I haven’t even had an initial weight loss.  What’s a girl to do?????


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