Lessons In Moderation

The Breakfast of Champions
January 26, 2010, 1:30 pm
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You know that really bad thing I said I was doing yesterday?  I did it again today and have done it every week day for at least the past two weeks…. I’m skipping breakfast! At first it wasn’t something I did on purpose, it started innocently enough.  I was running late for work one day so I brought my breakfast with me but my morning got so crazy I never ended up eating it.  That happened the first few times and then it became a choice.   I decided I was easily making it through the morning with no breakfast so why not keep it up to cut calories. 

Rational, logical me knows that is a terrible way to think and it’s not healthy of effective but after being at various levels of my unhappy weight for more than a year I thought if this was going to give me an edge I would do it.  I am in no way starving myself, I definitely eat enough calories throughout the day and have made a real effort to incorporate tons of veggies in my diet but I feel like I need to re-introduce breakfast.  I got in an oats rut so I think I’m going to challenge myself this weekend to find some quick and easy breakfast recipes that I can eat during the week.  If you have any good ones feel free to share!

For my food recap yesterday I had a latte with skim for b-fast, a big mixed green salad with light Italian dressing for lunch, greek yogurt for my afternoon snack and a serving of Shepard’s Pie and side salad for dinner. No exercise for the past few days.  I did get out on Saturday for a nice 3 mile walk/run but I need to up my cardio.

I’m going to do some thinking about committing to an excercise plan (at home) tonight and hopefully write about a plan I can and will follow tomorrow.  Happy Tuesday!


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