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Why Am I So Lazy????
January 25, 2010, 10:35 pm
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Lack of posting doesn’t mean lack of commitment……wait nevermind, yes it does.  I don’t know why I can’t get it together on the blog front or the exercise front.  Eating healthy has been going pretty well but I’m all over the place with exercise and blogging.  I really need to get into a rhythm with both!  Work is just dragging me down.

This is just a quick post before I head out into the miserable wind and rain of Boston.  Tomorrow I will have a post that is really bad.  Like I’m doing something really bad in my diet and fitness routine..you know the one thing you should never do…I’m doing.  Any guesses? More on that tomorrow.   FYI…I will not get on the scale or take a measurement until the last day of Feb so I don’t get discouraged but so far I feel just as fat and my “skinny” jeans don’t fit me any better so…..keep up the good work I guess? Happy Monday!


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Getting going on the exercise front is just a case of getting into a routine. It doesn’t matter if you do it before or after work, just make it somethign you have to do in your day and get used to it.

I always do my work out after work on my way home. I do have to pass the gym to get home so I always feel bad about passing it so I always go in.

Once you get going with it, you’ll wonder why you didn’t start earlier because it feels good.

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