Lessons In Moderation

Christmas Candy Can Go to HELL!
January 13, 2010, 5:19 pm
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Seriously… why did we buy so much candy at Christmas and why can’t I stop eating it? The week in between Christmas and New Years I went completely overboard on candy but lately I have tried to limit myself to a few pieces a day but it’s just so hard when they are there!! And out of site isn’t always out of mind for me.  Should I just throw them away?

The most evil thing about them is the size because just popping one mini Snickers doesn’t seem that bad but eating about 12 through the course of the day is horrible.  At least if you succumb to temptation and eat a regular sized candy bar you usually register how full and yucky it makes you feel and adjust….with tiny bites all day I hardly realize I’m eating it!

And to top this whole rant off….I don’t even really have a sweet tooth.  I don’t know if it’s a seasonal thing or not but I prefer salty/savory things over sweet.  Oh well.

Yesterday was another good eating day.  WW toast with PB for b-fast, turkey and cheese on an Arnold Flat Bread for lunch and a fruit salad for a snack.  YUM! For dinner I visited a friend and had some chix breast served in broth and onion based sauce with grapes! It was delish. I also had a scoop of rice pilaf,  2 Pillsbury crescent rolls and a glass of wine. 

The circuit training I did in my basement on Monday must have worked a little because my legs were sore yesterday and still sore today.  Hopefully there is some toning going on!


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