Lessons In Moderation

Running in the Rain
November 20, 2009, 4:29 pm
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It’s a rainy day in Boston and it looks like the rain may continue into Saturday.  My goal was to go outside and DO something on Saturday and Sunday and that something was going to be take a walk or jog or some combination of the two.  Should I let the rain stop me?  I have run in the rain before and its kind of exhilarating as long as it’s not too cold out.   Walking in the rain is a different story.  I think it’s just miserable. 

My goal will be to run a mile.  I’m not trying to beat a time, just trying to work on my endurance and then maybe try a walk/run combo to work on speed and endurance for the remainder of the route. Anyone have any tips for running in the rain?

As far as my low cal by accident eating plan is concerned…. it’s ovah! Yesterday during the day was good but I ended up eating more than my fair share of BBQ Chix thin crust pizza from Dominos plus some BBQ wings! No moderation there! But the thin crust pizza is cut differently than your regular pie so  I think I probably ate the equivalent of 2 slices of normal sliced pizza.  Unhealthy yes, but it was great because it tasted good and it was the first time my husband and I actually had dinner together this week.  On that note I think we bond way too much over food.  Maybe we start bonding over doing push ups or lunges?? HA!

Here is yesterday’s food recap

b-fast: 1/2 c oats, 1/2 water, 1 tbsp PB (250 cals)

lunch: Delish salad with chix, beets,  broc, salad greens and other yummies (400 cals)

snack: 5 Fiber Enriched Wheat Thins and 1 wedge of Laughing Cow (105 cals)

dinner: 2ish slices of BBQ Chix Pizza and 4 Wings (1000 cals)

total: 1755…. didn’t eat healthy at dinner but didn’t do too much damage.

exercise: 2 mile walk at lunch. yay!


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