Lessons In Moderation

Didn’t Gain but Didn’t Lose..AGAIN!
November 17, 2009, 3:57 pm
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At this rate I will never hit my 12 by 12 goal.  I weighed myself this morning and I was the exact same.  I have lost 4 pounds but my jeans don’t fit me better 😦

I need to commit to cardio ASAP. Not walking, running. Even if it kills me I have to do it.  I have been suffering from massive headaches and a sore throat lately but I have no temperature so I don’t know what the deal is.  I think I’m going to try to buy more organic produce to see if that makes a difference.  Anyone else feeling sick but not really sick? I don’t like it!

Yesterday was a light eating day because I was on the road for a work trip. 3 hour drive, 3 hour meeting, 3 hour drive home. FUN! 🙂  Here is the re-cap.

b-fast: 1/2 c oats, 1/2 c water, 1 tbsp PB (250 cals)

lunch: 6″ Veggie Delight from Subway on 9 Grain wheat bread.  All veggies, no cheese and a little bit of the sweet onion sauce (300 cals)

snack: Gummy Bears – they had them at my work meeting and I couldn’t resist. Cute and tasty. (150 cals)

snack: Bag of Sun Chips I got with my sub (200 cals)

dinner: none! I got home and had such a bad headache I went strait to bed.

total: 900 calories

exercise: none:(


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