Lessons In Moderation

Review: Smart One English Muffin Sandwich
October 28, 2009, 8:38 pm
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Let me start off this post with the fact that I generally like Smart Ones.  Although they are very processed and high in sodium,  they make a decent choice if you are in a rush for lunch one day and need something you can grab quick on your way out the door.

I actually used to eat Smart Ones quite regularly, which isn’t necessarily a good thing.  I realize that now that I’m focused on eating healthy food not just low calories. 

I have been sticking to eating oatmeal almost every morning for breakfast because it’s quick, easy and it fills me up until lunch.  While flipping through some magazines last weekend I noticed an ad for Smart Ones breakfast food.  In the supermarket on Monday I saw them in the freezer section and decided to give them a try.  I bought the English muffin sandwich which consists of egg whites, cheese and an english muffin.

My recommendation…not worth it.  Cooking the sandwich entails wrapping it in a paper towel and nuking it for a minute and a half then flipping and nuking for another 30 seconds.  This results in a soggy messy that gets stuck to the paper towel.  Maybe wrapping in wax paper might be better? Flavor was blah, consistency was blah but it did do a relatively good job keeping me somewhat satisfied until lunch.

I’m all for quick breakfasts because I feel like I’m always rushing in the morning, but for the amount of time it took me to heat up this sub par sandwich I could have toasted my own english muffin, cracked an egg in a small bowl, add a splash of milk  and a dash of salt and pepper, cover it and throw it in the microwave for a minute, slap on a piece of cheese and I would have a much more flavorful result in just about the same amount of time.

So I say no way to Smart Ones breakfast.

Here is my food recap from yesterday.  A pounding headache and sore throat kept me from eating too much at dinner but I definitely made up for it in some candy I ate today!! 🙂

b-fast: Smart One sammy (210 cals)

lunch: salad with light Italian dressing and chix (250 cals)

snack: Chobani (140)

snack: banana (105)

dinner: small bowl of beef stew (didn’t finish it all) and english muffin with butter (300 cals)

total: 1050 – this is on the low side but it’s ok because I was listening to my body’s cues. I was feeling under the weather yesterday and I just didn’t feel like dinner.  I more than made up for it today! 🙂

exercise: 1 hour of power yoga!



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