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Green Tea for Weightloss
October 27, 2009, 1:18 pm
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A lot of fuss has been made about green tea and its role in weight loss.   Personally, I don’t really care for green tea but a few years ago when I forced myself to drink it I grew to tolerate it.  I buy any brand of mint green tea because the mint makes it easier for me to stomach.

Here is my story about green tea. When I graduated college I left with extra pounds that I wanted to lose.  I began eating healthy and incorporating exercise (walking, not running or weights) and green tea into my life.  I lost about 9 pounds in one month and was able to keep it off.  Now there are many factors that could have contributed to the weight loss… my age (21/22 at the time), going from inactive to kind of active and a complete change in diet, but in my mind I wanted to believe the green tea had something to do with it. 

I just started drinking green tea, usually a cup or two a day, last week and I torched 4 pounds and I have definitely been less active than I have for the past 4 months.  Who knows if it helps or hurts but I find that the green tea helps me avoid hitting the vending machine, keeps me occupied when I want to eat out of boredom and keeps me hydrated when I don’t want to drink water.

So I managed to stay on track with eating last night and even waited out a dessert craving and it did eventually pass. Here is my food recap. Yesterday was deffo a grazing kind of day.

b-fast: 1/2 cup oats, 1/2 cup water, 1 tbsp pb (250 cals)

snack: 2 point weight watcher muffin (150 cals)

lunch:  2 tbsp hummus with pita (200 cals)

snack: peach chobani (140 cals)

snack: banana (105 cals)

dinner: huge salad with butter lettuce, tomatoes, artichoke hearts and light Italian dressing and about 3 bites of potato gnocci with vodka sauce because the salad was so filling and gnocci isn’t my favorite. (500 cals)

total: 1345 cals

exercise: none 😦




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