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I’m Back with the 12 By 12 Plan!
October 19, 2009, 8:05 pm
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So sorry for the lack of posts.   Last week I was lucky enough to have a great vacation in Bermuda.  I ate, drank, beached it and most importantly got to chillax with my husband.  The week prior to that I was gearing up for my besty’s wedding (I was the maid of honor) and trying to tie up all loose ends at work which left me with barely a free minute.

Anyway I’m feeling refreshed and ready to take on life again! On to the 12 by 12 plan.  Without my thrice a weekly bootcamp sessions I really need to set some goals to make sure my health and fitness level remain a priority in my life. I needed something to strive for so I made up the 12 by 12 plan.  I will lose 12 pounds by December 12 with a focus on diet.  I went grocery shopping yesterday and got some great veggie soups, bananas and stocked up on hummus and pita… my fave go to snack!  Anyone want to do 12 by 12 with me?  I weighed myself last night before bed and the scale said 134.  I don’t think that’s my real weight because I had chinese food and pizza for the majority of my meals this weekend so I think there was a little salt bloat there.  Also, to prove that I’m not living in denial my jeans were perfectly comfortable on me and 4 pounds of fat would deffo hurt! 🙂

I’m not going to bother with my calorie count for the past week because I can’t even remember what I ate.  I know in Bermuda a lot of rum was consumed but I didn’t do too bad on the eating front.  I had some great black olive tapanade and awesome bruscetta. I did splurge on bagels for breakfast almost every day but other than that it wasn’t too terrible.

Along with my 12 by 12 goals I can’t wait to share some blogs on the hype about green tea, how to choose a gym (I’m in the process right now) and working out at home.  Thanks for sticking with me guys! Talk to you tomorrow!!


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Good to see you’re focusing on diet – weight management is 25% exercise and 75% diet. Choosing the right foods is more important than choosing the right gym – choosing the right gym is more enjoyable though.

Good luck with your challenge.

Comment by jonnygetsfit

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