Lessons In Moderation

September 21, 2009, 2:14 pm
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I’m getting a little nervous because my bootcamp classes are ending in two weeks.  After they end I will have to  bite the bullet and join a gym but I’m worried I won’t push myself as hard or worse, fall off the exercise bandwagon completely in the winter months.

Over this past week I have started to feel more healthy and I feel like my clothes are fitting a little better.  I haven’t had the guts to try on my old jeans but I definitely feel it in my work clothes and I want to keep the momentum going.  I feel like I have learned enough from classes to put together a routine that will be effective but will I do it?  Will I push myself? I want to say yes but I’m definitely nervous.  I think it’s because after all this time in bootcamp (when it ends I will have done 11 weeks total) I didn’t get as thin or as fit as I thought I would.   If I was walking around comfortably in my old size 4 skinny jeans I would have more motivation to stay there, but right now I’m still trying to meet my goal.  Any tips for staying motivated without the group setting of a class?

Here is my weekend food recap.  Sunday was kind of abysmal.


b-fast: 1/2 c oats, 1/2 c skim, 1 tbsp PB (300 cals)

lunch: Pik King Shrimp – yes you read that right, no pad thai, no crazy noodles and it made such a difference in my work out.  To be honest though I didn’t really care for the curry sauce so I didn’t eat the whole thing.  I ate all the shrimp, a lot of veggies and a little rice so I’m doing my best calorie estimate (500 cals)

snack: 1/2 c oats, 1/2 c skim, 1tbsp PB – It was for refueling after a crazy workout (350 cals)

dinner: 1 small scoop of mac n cheese (200 cals)

liquid cals: 1 beer, 2 mixed drinks with no cal mixers (300 cals)

total: 17oo

exercise: 1 hour of bootcamp with a focus on lower body and cardio. A lot of running, sprinting, squating and lunging.  I love it.


b-fast:  1 egg over easy, 2 pieces of ww toast, coffee with skim (220 cals)

lunch/snack: I grazed… hummus with ww pita, baked goldfish, small brownie (600 cals)

dinner: Greek salad with chicken (500 cals)

liquid calories: 2 glasses of wine one fresca and vodka (300 cals)

total: 1620 cals

exercise: none 😦


b-fast: 1/2 c oats, 1/2 c skim, 1 tbsp PB, 1 small banana (400 cals)

lunch: turkey club supermelt with fries from Friendly’s (1200 cals) YIKES but so good

snack: small brownie with tiny scoop of Just Jimmies (200 cals)

quasi dinner: I don’t know what we were thinking but my husband and I thought it was a good idea to have Fettucini Alfredo for dinner when we were still stuffed from lunch.  I made some but we both had a few bites and then passed… It wasn’t worth it (200 cals)

total: 2000 cals.


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