Lessons In Moderation

One of Those Mornings
September 11, 2009, 3:28 pm
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I must have got out of bed on my left foot today because it hasn’t been a great one so far.  One thing that puts me in a bad mood is that Friday’s are casual days and all my casual pants/jeans are too tight!! UGH! This week I’m really buckling down and eating very carefully and adding some more cardio to my work out.  I refuse to buy new jeans.  I haven’t been focused on losing poundage but I need to be because I’m getting really discouraged.

Anyway…. in an effort to not put any more negative vibes out I will finish up this post with my food re-cap. Have a great weekend everyone!

b-fast: oatmeal with 1 tbsp PB and skim milk (350 cals)

lunch: Shrimp Pad Thai – we changed Thai to Thursday this week because some people weren’t going to be around on Friday (1000 cals)

dinner: French Onion Soup and green salad with Italian dressing (750 cals)

total: 2100 cals YIKES!

exercise: none 😦


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