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Fall into Fall
September 8, 2009, 2:22 pm
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I hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend and took sometime to relax and have fun.  I had a great long weekend and am a little sad that its over.  I do have to say that even though I’m not in school any more, I love the back to school season.  I love the new school clothes out at all the stores and I feel like people get a little bit more spring in their step after summer vacation.  I want to latch on to this new found vigor to move forward with my healthy lifestyle.

This weekend I was able to fit in lounging around, hanging out with my favorite people, a little cleaning and organizing AND exercise.  I was very excited to start my morning with all the laundry folded and put away, a squeaky clean house (I even washed the baseboards!) and a stocked fridge.  As I was getting ready this morning I heard some sort of big truck making noise and doing work. I went to brush my teeth and the water came out a little less than clear. UGH. So I brushed with Poland Springs and am keeping my fingers crossed things are back to normal by the time I get home. 

Nutritionally I did pretty well balancing the good and the not so good until yesterday, when we decided to have an impromptu cookout and I may have eaten a cheeseburger, hot dog, pasta salad, pie and ice cream! YIKES! Today I will be eating very clean! Onwards and upwards.

ThingsI will be blogging about in the future…I need new running sneaks, should I pay to join a gym and why can’t I run any more? HA!

Here is my food recap.  I may give up on calorie counts during this post!


b-fast: oatmeal with skim, choco chips and 1tbsp PB (350 cals)

lunch: shrimp pad thai (1000 cals)

dinner: a bit of spinach and artichoke dip and the Oriental Chix Salad, both from Applebees (1000 cals)

total: 2350 (yikes!)

exercise: 1 hour of bootcamp with focus on lower body and legs.  Let me just tell you about the workout I did.  Everyone in the class grabbed on to a rope and we started running, not jogging, running with the rope over our shoulder. Then we had to lock our arms and hold the rope over our head, then out to the side with palms facing down (ouch!), then we did all this with the other arm.  This lasted for a solid 15 minutes.  There were bursts of walking lunges and little windows of walking but those were few and far between. It was very difficult with a belly full of shrimp pad thai but it was so good. I don’t know how I kept up but I did. 


b-fast: sunnyside up egg with ww eng muffin and ketchup (200)

lunch: avocado, Vidalia onion and hummus in a pita and a green salad with peaches.  I am loving adding a bit of fruit to a green salad. (300 cals)

snack: 1 scoop just jimmies ice cream (100 cals)

dinner: cheeseburger and curly fries from Skip’s (1000 cals)

liquid cals: 1 martini, one beer (300 cals)

total: 1900 cals

exercise: nothing formal but I was doing a bunch of house work and I deffo worked up a sweat.


b-fast: oatmeal with a banana, choco chips and PB (350 cals)

lunch: appetizers at my grandmother’s 91st birthday! guac and chips and veggies and dip from a veggie platter (500)

late lunch: lobster and steamers! It was a 2 pound lobster and I don’t eat my lobster with butter so it’s not too bad (600 cals)

snack: a small piece of b-day cake.  Vanilla whipped cream frosting with strawberries on white cake.  (250)

dinner: Wendy’s Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger – I know … it’s bad. I was weak. By the time we got home it was late and we ate our “lunch” around 2:30 so at 9:00 ish we were starving so we went for convenience. I’m totally guessing the calorie count of the burger because I didn’t look it up. (400 cals)

total: 2100 cals

exercise: ran one mile… 10:48 mile… not shaving off the time that I need to.

Monday (no work, yesss!!!)

b-fast: banana pancakes with a bit of maple syrup (400 cals)

lunch: beach pizza (500 cals)

snack: kiddie ice cream from Beach Plum in Rye,NH.  Serving was big for a kiddie and I finished it. I don’t usually get real ice cream, I usually go for fro-yo but this was really good. I got Milky Way and I highly recommend it. (350 cals)

dinner: 1 cheeseburger with a bit of ketchup, mustard and mayo, one hotdog with ketchup, mustard and relish, way too much Classic Suddenly Salad, tater tots (don’t ask) and a piece of blueberry pie.  Do I know how to close out a summer or what? (2000 cals… seriously… when I add it up in my head I really do get 2000 cals. gross!)

total: 3250… that’s embarrassing. Back on track today though!

exercise: none 😦


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