Lessons In Moderation

Running vs Walking
September 2, 2009, 6:14 pm
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It’s a question I have pondered for many years; what’s better for you, running or walking.  When I had no interest in running or getting in shape, a nice walk always did the trick but when I started getting into running and running races, I thought walking was for the weak.  Considering that the longest distance I have ever run in my life is 5 miles, and at this point in my life running a mile completely wears me out, I was way out of line.

I have read tons of articles about walking versus running over the years and the answers hasn’t stuck with me.  Some say walking is just as effective, but you have to go longer, other articles say running is the way to go. 

What do you guys think? Any running snobs out there willing to come clean?  Any walkers out there who wish they were a running snob?

Here is a food recap.  Also, I did not have oatmeal for b-fast today and it was a little liberating, but I was super hungry for lunch by the time noon rolled around.  Tune in tomorrow to find out what I had for b-fast (like the cliffhanger?) 🙂

b-fast: oatmeal with water (made it at work) and choco chips (200 cals)

lunch: small salad with grilled chix, oil & vinegar dressing and grapes (450)

snack: nectarine (100)

snack: PB&J on ww Arnold Flat Bread – this was my original lunch but I treated myself to a salad when I went to pick up some groceries on my lunch break (250)

snack: peach (100)

dinner: avocado panini on whole wheat bread with mayo, bacon and one piece of american cheese and salad – panini was homemade so I controlled the portions, two pieces of bacon and very light mayo (650)

dessert: NOTHING…all day I was looking forward to a small bowl of Just Jimmies ice cream (Brigham’s Brand) and my husband finished it! so annoying but I guess it saved calories in the end.

total: 1750

exercise: none


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