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Emergency Post – I Can’t Stop Eating
September 2, 2009, 7:29 pm
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I don’t know what is wrong with me these last two days but I can’t stop eating! Tuesday I was a little bit hungry but I figured it was because I didn’t eat much dinner and had a vigorous work out but I don’t get why I’m so hungry today.

Especially because I worked from home this morning so I ate breakfast later in the morning than usual but I was starving for lunch at noon and I burned through all my afternoon snacks and even went to the vending machine to get a bag of Smart Food popcorn.  I’m really busy at work (probably shouldn’t be taking the time to blog this right now oops!) so I know I’m not eating out of boredom..so I guess its hunger?

What gives?  Am I not eating enough? Am I not eating enough of the right thing? We will see tomorrow I guess when I weigh in.   I don’t feel like I have lost weight and I put on a pair of just out of the dryer pants this morning and they were tight (yikes!) but after a car ride they “stretched” so they felt better.  Stupid cotton polyblends.

I’m going to try to satisfy my hunger with water for the rest of the afternoon because I’m out of food and spent my last dollar in the vending machine.


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I get like that sometimes too. My only suggestion is that you haven’t gotten enough protein, but there are some days you’re just hungry no matter what you do. Try chewing some fruity gum for a while–that does the trick for me when it’s 4 pm and I’m totally ready for dinner (I’m chewing some now!)

Comment by Tamara

Some days are different and you just have to listen to your body. Are you hydrated? Getting enough sleep? If all the things that can present themselves as hunger are covered and it is truly hunger, then go ahead and eat! Maybe you can carry a healthy bar or some other portable snack with you for emergencies.

Comment by modernation

Good points. I will def try chewing a piece of gum. I also think I’m a little dehydrated. I will work on upping my water intake. Thanks guys!

Comment by afontaine16

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