Lessons In Moderation

My Jeans are too Tight!
August 28, 2009, 1:29 pm
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HA! I couldn’t think of a title for this post so I just typed what I was thinking.  I poured myself into some jeans that are just a little too snug this morning.  Oh well. Maybe it will keep me from over eating when I have Thai food for lunch. 

Tonight is my first night of lower body bootcamp.  My last session I only did two nights a week so I missed out on lower body day on Friday.  I’m looking forward to it.  I will say that I am getting a little apprehensive as to what I’m going to do when this session of bootcamp is over.  I think I am learning some cool weight lifting tips that I can continue to do at home, but I think I might break down and join a gym because I need to keep up my cardio during the winter and it’s hard for me to get outside around my neighborhood when it snows.  They don’t clear the sidewalks where I live and to be honest, most of the streets don’t have sidewalks so I’m usually running on the side of the road which isn’t possible with snow banks.

My plan this morning was to not eat oatmeal, but I couldn’t resist.  Here is a quick food recap from yesterday with estimated calorie counts.

b-fast: oatmeal with skim and honey (250 cals)

lunch: mixed veggies with soy sauce and some Thai garlic chili sauce (150 cals)

snack: grapes (100 cals)

snack: Oikos Greek Yogurt (90 cals)

dinner: 2 pieces of beach pizza (1000) – for those of you who have frequented the Hampton/Salisbury beach area you know what beach pizza from Christaldi’s or Christy’s is.  For those how haven’t it’s square pieces of pizza with very sweet sauce and a piece of provolone cheese. So good.

Total: 1590

exercise: NONE 😦

Have a good weekend everyone!


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I love Thai food! Oatmeal is great — it’s no wonder you couldn’t resist! It’s just so warm and comforting, and there are so many different ways to spice it up 🙂 Thank you for thinking my food looks good!

Comment by Meredith

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