Lessons In Moderation

I Don’t Want to Hear that Muscle Weighs More Than Fat
August 27, 2009, 1:19 pm
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First of all…. one pound is one pound.  One pound of feathers weighs the same as one pound of bricks. One pound of fat weighs the same as one pound of muscle.  I know muscle is leaner and makes your body look better and that’s important but I want to see the needle on the scale move down. Today was weigh in day and I gained 2 pounds this week! I’m trying my best not to be frustrated but I have to admit I am a little frustrated.   I do think I’m toning up which is a good thing but I think I have about 10 pounds to lose to get rid of the layer of fat covering everything.  I’m going to focus more on my diet this week and pay more attention to calorie counting and measuring.  Has this happened to anyone else? I don’t know why I can’t drop a few pounds.  Muscles are great but I would prefer if mine weren’t covered in fat!

Speaking of diet, I was all excited for my dinner last night.  I had some shrimp and a bag of Asian veggies I got from Target.  I prepared them per the instructions on the package and I have to admit, I thought the smell was a little off.  When they were done cooking and I had a taste I almost puked.  I don’t know what was wrong, or if the veggies went bad or what but it did not taste good.  I hate throwing away food but I just couldn’t choke this stuff down.  So for dinner last night I basically had 3 cocktail weenies, a few bites of gross veggies and shrimp and then I had a chocolate cupcake I made the other night. 

Here is yesterday’s food recap with calorie estimates:

b-fast: oatmeal with skim and honey (200)

lunch: spaghetti with spinach (300)

snack: grapes (100)

snack: Oikos Greek Yogurt (90)

snack: sugar cookie (oops!) (150)

dinner: cocktail weenies (150)

                 gross veggies with shrimp (100)

dessert: choco cupcake (200)

total: 1290

exercise: 1 hour of bootcamp with a focus on upper body (push ups, tricep dips, etc…)


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