Lessons In Moderation

Pears: Love to Eat Them, Wish I Wasn’t Shaped Like One
August 25, 2009, 7:07 pm
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In the equating your body to a piece of fruit I deffo fall into the pear category.  When I gain weight it goes right to my butt , hips and thighs. Even when I’m in shape the lower half is always slightly larger than the upper half.  I often look in envy at my apple shape friends who can throw on a flow shirt and skinny jeans and look great.  I think it’s much harder to hide thunder thighs than a little belly, but the grass is always greener on the other side I guess.

At this point in my life I think I have finally accepted the pear.  I understand that skinny jeans will never look right on me no matter how much weight I lose. Before my goal was always to shrink the lower half but I think now my focus is more on toning than shrinking.  Although with all this cardio I’m doing a little shrinkage better happen too. 🙂

My food has been a little carb heavy lately so I think I need to adjust. I was lucky enough to have a great pasta dinner on the table for me when I got home from bootcamp so I got to indulge and I would say that I had about 2 cups of pasta (yikes!) and a piece of cheesy garlic bread (double yikes! but so good).  In an effort to eat left overs and not waste food I filled up a small Tupperware container with leftover spaghetti to have for my lunch today, and added some left over spinach we had in the fridge because my veggie intake has been lack luster lately. Well when I took the Tupperware out of the fridge this morning I just happened to glance at the bottom and I had filled a 2 cup container. I think it’s a little too much refined carbs for me so I told myself I would only eat half and save the other half for tomorrow lunch.  Lucky for me my husband was in the area for lunch so he treated me to a great lunch out where I could up my veggie intake with a great salad.  I will give you the whole re-cap tomorrow. 

Here is yesterday’s food/ exercise  recap. Remember all calorie counts are estimates

b-fast: oatmeal with skim, choco chips (250)

lunch: PB&J on Whole Wheat Arnold Flat bread (300)

snack: grapes (100)

Dinner: 2 cups white pasta with red sauce. 2 pieces of cheesy garlic bread (1000)

total: 1650

exercise: 1 hour bootcamp (ran one mile, more cardio, abs)


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