Lessons In Moderation

Intuitive Eating
August 21, 2009, 6:44 pm
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I have read articles about intuitive eating which basically tells you to listen to your body’s cues to determine when and how much you should eat.  Find a definition here. I always thought it sound like a great idea in theory but it never seemed to work for me.  My body typically craves junk food all the time, but its a concept I’m really interested in as I pay more attention to my health.  

To be honest, I’m a junk food junkie.  I like fruits and veggies but I like mac & cheese, nachos, steak and cheese subs, Doritos etc…. You get the picture.  I have a tendency to eat too much too fast and feel really gross and bloated afterwards.  When I step back and look at they way I was eating it makes me cringe.  Eating is supposed to be an enjoyable experience but it always ended up making me feel kind of sick.  When I joined Weight Watchers and was re-learning portion sizes I felt so much better. Since I was eating less food than before I slowed down and tried to enjoy my meal rather than rush through it and my stomachaches disappeared! It opened my eyes to how eating can and should feel. By paying attention to how my body reacted to certain foods or habits and my desire to eat junk all the time is slowly going away because I enjoy how good I feel after eating more healthy, moderate sized portions of food.

Last night I was going over a friends house to have pizza and salad.  When I got home from work I was starving and it was still an hour away from pizza time so I decided to have a few tbsp of hummus with a pita.  Normally I would never think of eating a mini-meal before I ate pizza because it would be way too many calories.  This time I listened to my internal cues.  Am I hungry or was I just bored? I decided I really was hungry so I had my snack and then had a small bowl of salad and one piece of egg plant pizza.  If I didn’t have a snack I think I would have eaten at least two maybe three pieces of pizza because I would have been starving and irrational. I even turned down ice cream last night! I love going out for ice cream and that’s what we did but by the time we got to the ice cream stand I decided that I was comfortable full and didn’t want to push it by having a kiddie cone.

So I’ll be talking about intuitive eating more often and see what happens when I try to do it, when I purposely don’t do it etc… It’s a really interesting concept.

Here is a quick food wrap up from yesterday

(all calorie counts are estimates)

b-fast: 0atmeal with skim and Cinnamon (300)

lunch: egg salad sammy on whole wheat bun & goldfish (340)

snack: Fiber One Bar (140)

snack 2: 2tbsp hummus and whole wheat pita (100)

Dinner: greek salad, 1 piece eggplant pizza, 2 glasses of wine (800)

Total: 1680


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