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Count Calories or Count Food Groups?
August 19, 2009, 2:58 pm
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I need to count something to give me structure in my weight loss.  I have always been a calorie counter, but since I’m on a mission to eat cleaner I thought about counting food group servings.

In the end I am going to end up doing a combination of both.  Before when I tried to lose weight I would only focus on calorie count and not nutritional value and my goals were to eat between 1000 – 1200 calories a day.  Looking back at that I realize it was not healthy or realistic.  I was setting myself up for failure by limiting myself to a low calorie count.  My goal now is to eat between 1500 – 1800 calories a day.  On the lower side on rest days and on the higher side on workout days.  I’m also going to focus on making sure I’m eating less processed foods and getting in enough fruit, veggies and whole grains.  Thinking of trying to purposely consume 1800 calories a day makes me a little nervous because previously 1800 calories a day would have been terrible! I need to get over that hang up ASAP.

Do you count calories? What do you track when trying to lose weight?


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I hear ya! I’ve been trying to do the same 1,000 to loose weight. Actually it’s working for me only because I know my intake before was way over 1500. So knowing that I’m saving up 500 calories each day (3,500 in a week= 1lb lost) which consists of fruits, veggies, fish or chicken is also a way to keep track of food groups.
Good luck and check out some of my easy, energizing, quickie recipes. Martica

Comment by martica

I will def check out some of your recipes! I’m always looking for new quickie recipes! 🙂 1000 calories/day did work for me for a while but in the long term it just wasn’t sustainable. Especially when I started working out. Good luck on your weightloss journey.

Comment by afontaine16

I actually set up a plan which is a combination of servings and calories. The goal, for me, was to eat a balanced, nutritious diet within a calorie range. My servings are calorie-based–like a full serving of vegetables has a maximum value of fifty calories or a full serving of milk has a hundred calories. I try to eat to the maximum of each food group daily and I try to avoid using up all of my spare calories (fats, alcohols, sugars, etc.).

Comment by innerpilgrimage

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