Lessons In Moderation

I Quit!
August 17, 2009, 1:27 pm
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I made anexecutive decison on Friday morning.  I quit Weight Watchers.  After 5 weeks of bootcamp classes and 5 weeks of gaining weight I decided it’s not the right thing for me right now.  I will say that it really helped me get back on track eating wise, and it helped me “re-learn” what a normal portion size is, but lately its been more discouraging than encouraging so I need to move on. 

Unfortunatley, I let the pressure of no weigh ins go to my head and I had a little bit of a free for all this weekend.  Friday and Saturday during the day wasn’t too bad, but we had a cookout on Saturday night and I had a hotdog and way too much pasta and potato salad drenched in mayo. 

On Sunday I started the day off with a pretty healthy breakfast of a whole wheat english muffin with PB and a half grapefruit and had a slice of pizza for lunch (just one). It all started to fall apart after that.  We spent a few hours at the beach and then had to get home because we were going to visit someone in the hospital.  As I was waiting for my husband and sister to get ready I dipped into the pasta and potato salad again.  This isn’t the worst thing I could do, but as I was eating it I was saying to myself, I’m not even hungry, why am I eating this? But I powered through. ugh… not good.  On the way home from our visit we all decided Chinese food would be a good idea, and it was so good.  It was the first time I ate Chinese food for a whole and it really did hit the spot so I don’t feel too guilty about that.

So after the mini-binge this weekend I decided that I’m still going to stick to a weekly weigh in, but it will be on Thursday mornings in my own bathroom.  No more paying for Weight Watchers. I think I hit a plateau that I need to address, but I don’t know how.  Any suggestions? As of my last Weight Watchers meeting I needed to lose about 10 pounds to get to a number that didn’t make me cringe (but it’s not necessarily a number I would shout from the rooftops either). After my weigh in on Thursday morning I will do the vital stats post that will give height and weight to give context to my journey. 

Please share any tips on hitting plateaus! 🙂


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