Lessons In Moderation

Last Night Cilantro Saved My Life
August 5, 2009, 8:26 pm
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It wasn’t a D.J. it was cilantro that saved my life. And I guess it really didn’t save my life but it kept me from going off the deep end food wise.  Here is the skinny: I was very excited for dinner last night because I found  recipe that would help me re-create one of my favorite meals at La Carreta, which is a great local Mexican restaurant (sorry I can’t find a link that works).  The recipe requires tortilla chips (I used whole grain), tomatillo sauce, chicken and a little bit of cheese.  Sounds delish right?

Now to get to the cilantro part.  First of all I don’t know if it’s an allergy or a food intolerance but cilantro makes me very very ill, plus I don’t really enjoy the taste of it, so when looking for tomatillo sauce I was trying to find one without cilantro as an ingredient (not easy).  Low and behold I found one, threw it in my cart and was on my way.  I get home, I start cooking everything is looking good so I sneak a little bite and what do I taste? CILANTRO! I must have thrown the wrong one in my cart.

I wasn’t phased though.  Cilantro is in most Mexican food and if the taste isn’t too strong I can deal with it.   I finished up the meal and it looked so good (sorry still no pics, soon though, very soon) but after a few cilantro filled bites I realized bad things would happen if I kept eating, plus I didn’t like the taste.  In trying to find the silver lining I tried to convince myself that although this meal isn’t terribly unhealthy (whole wheat tortilla chips and small amount of low fat cheese) I know if it had been cilantro free I would have eaten enough for 3 people.  So I wrapped up the night with a bowl of Fiber One cereal and a plum.   Good and good for me, but not as good as Mexican food!

This weekend will be the ultimate test of moderationbecause of a bachelorrette party.  I will definitely be posting about that!  Will I make good choices or take a jump into the indulgence deep end?  Answers to the cliff hanger on Monday 🙂 and boot camp re-cap tomorrow.  Tonight it’s upper body!


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